Our October Member of the Month is Jasmine Stark.  We are featuring Jasmine this month for two reasons; one, because she has been a rock star at EVOFIT; and two, because she is leaving us this month to move to Maryland.  Jasmine is an amazing athlete and we are going to miss having her at the gym almost every day of the week.  We also want to THANK JASMINE for implementing our www.foodology101.com web site and for being our resident “chef” and bringing delicious foods for us to try at the gym.  We wish her well in her new endeavors and our door is always open for you when you visit Virginia Beach.  We are also grateful to have met and worked out with Mike, her boyfriend.   We will miss seeing him on his weekly visits as well.  Below is Jasmine’s EVOFIT story:

“I started at EVOFIT back in the summer of 2009 after running into Debbie at our favorite coffee shop – Bad Ass Coffee!! Before working out here, I dabbled at other gyms and tried the “do my own thing” all throughout college and my first couple years here in Virginia Beach.  It wasn’t until my first session that I realized how “unfit” I was!!  I was a dancer most of my life (mostly ballet) so I never ran or did strength training.  That being said, my first few weeks opened my eyes to what it takes to really be “in shape.”  EVOFIT has really taught me how to use my body weight to become stronger and faster every day.  I think most women are scared of becoming “bulky” but it is such a misconception!  Not only have I become stronger and faster, I have become aware of how far I can push myself on a daily basis.  I have also learned how to change my diet to work in tune with our daily workouts and have expanded my cooking skills in the process.  The EVOFIT community has truly become my family and they push me every day to get better.  I love and will miss them to death!!!”