The staff at EVOFIT thinks it’s time that you found out what you CAN do for a change. If you’ve tried the basic regimine of weight machines, treadmills and diets, you are not only missing your potential to build strength, speed and flexibilty, you are missing the genetic needs of the body. We offer exercise and nutrition programs built for each individual client. Learn how to exercise and eat naturally while building life enduring habits.

We work in an comfortable environment void of egos and stereotypes. We focus on you and push you to reach beyond your expectations and goals. Our programs constantly vary and incorporate exercises using dumbbells, barbells, medicine balls, kettlebells, weight lifting, basic gymnastics movements (pullups, muscles ups, etc.) and plyometrics. All movements are functional and nothing is done on a machine.



:30 Minute Sessions

People who have limited time to work out but are committed to improving their fitness level can participate in a 30-minute session at EVOFIT. You will warm up, you will work hard, and you will always improve and change.


:60 Minute Sessions

Our clients are always put through a warm-up upon starting their time with the trainer. We don’t put you on a treadmill or an eliptical and leave you on your own. You will run, you will row, you will jump rope, you may do burpees; it is all about moving. Always changing. Your workout is about YOU. At Evofit we want you to challenge yourself.


Group Sessions

It is our goal to motivate people to work out – everyone – if that means you have to get several people together in order to inspire or afford to exercise with us, we have that option available. If you are competitive and need that little push from others, get a group together and let’s get moving.Contact usfor information on pricing and schedules.


What to Expect

  • Basic movements of running, jumping, climbing, pushing, pulling, lifting, carrying
  • We help you focus on what you eat. Eat healthy fats like nuts, seeds, avocados, olive oil (coconut-peanuts are not included, they are legumes).
  • You will have moves you hate and you will have moves you love.
  • The only way to improve and get stronger is to work on both.
  • We will teach, guide and motivate you to do the work required to evolve your fitness level.